About the Inkblot

What is this blog about?

I started this blog with the intention of collecting my very occasional creative indulgences. Sometimes a sketch, sometimes a rant, sometimes a story.

Over the years, it has been alternately pampered and ignored. Readers have provided both criticism and encouragement. Outside of this blog, I have been told by a lot of people to do something with my (apparently not so bad) writing skills.

Recently, I tripped into a chronic bout of “free time”, and I can’t seem to cure myself of it. So, I figure, this is the perfect time to get down to some *serious* writing. I open my word processor with a new document, get some tea ready, place my fingers on the keyboard and…

Errr. Hem. Haw. *blank*

The wheels are a bit rusty, the tools need some sharpening, the bolts need some oiling – I will get there, and this blog will be my embarrassing little showcase of all the bumps along the way.

My pathetic, stumbling-infant-mimicking-bonobo attempts at fiction are filed under Output. Anger-and-possibly-mind-altering-substance-induced rants are under Outspeak. And my grand total of two sketches are under, uh, Sketches. The rest are fluff and bits from everywhere, and I’m not entire sure how they snuck in. If you liked something, or thought it was worse than the gum stuck under your shoe, please see if you can take the time to let me know via the comments. I am always learning.

Who are you?

I am incredibly un-anonymous on the internet, yet persist in keeping up this Inkblot charade. So, if you don’t know who I am already, let’s keep it that way for a while longer.

On the subject, what the heck is an epicurean inkblot?

I tried coming up with a marvellously fancy expression that would sum up what I am trying to do with my life. It did not work. I settled for this instead.


Let me know what you think.

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