Attempt At A Comeback

It’s always hard to get down to serious writing after such a long hiatus as I have had, but putting down something is a start. I’m done with some pretty tedious exams and have some time on my hands, so when I’m not desperately trying to get my old notes into some semblance of order, perhaps I can churn out a post or two here.

Probably the most commonplace blog fodder, i.e. the righteous rant in indignation, has been absent from my life owing to happier circumstances, but am I now seriously going to complain to a nameless, faceless reader that I have nothing to complain about?! The Cricket World Cup is on, so there should be something up here soon out of boredom from everyone else I know being glued to the TV. Yes, I am not a sports fan. No, I don’t see the point in watching any sport at all. Do I sense a rant in there somewhere? Sigh, probably not. But there’s always a certain amount of political foolishness going on somewhere in the world to help.


Let me know what you think.

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