An Insight Into One Second

Life is a funny thing. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to explore everything the world has to offer. It gives you a set period of time to give it your best shot, and does its darndest to make it difficult. And just when you think you’re getting the hang of things and you’re starting to enjoy it, it bitch slaps you nice and hard, and sends you two places back from where you’d originally started. It’s in times like those that you really need some kind of support, or at the very least some useful advice that makes you feel like even the shambles your life was in can make it back on track in some direction besides downhill. And it’s in times like those that you realize, you really can’t lean on anyone else. The only source of strength you can draw upon is yours. And that’s when you feel it hit you – the terrible chill of loneliness, of unyielding despair and the consummate knowledge of one who has nothing left but the broken pieces of their ego, and not enough time to put it back together.

Time is the rarest commodity these days. One does not often get the chance to be able to sit undisturbed, by others as well as by one’s own racing thoughts, and reflect upon things past, present and future; to reflect on how wonderful it is to be able to take a deep breath that fills the lungs to the brim, to be able to experience the refreshment every breath of clean air provides; on how the skies are more grey than blue nowadays, and how quickly the days seem to pass; to quietly sit and watch a leaf on the neighboring tree quiver in the increasingly violent rain, to watch it hold on with all its might, to watch as it shudders just before the point of giving up and getting blown away in the unceasing downpour; to just sit without being disturbed, really, without a care, without a smidgen of concern for that huge pile of work on one’s table that needs to be dealt with.

Sometimes you get told certain things that seem like a slap in the face. Normally, people wouldn’t bother to take off their polite masks and tell you something honest and natural unless they thought it was important (for everything else, there exists the need to complicate it through a process of convolution that masks the actual message). So tamp your ego down for a change and listen. That usually helps.


Let me know what you think.

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