Faking It

Why do women act so masochistic?

They stick with the psychological abuser they call their “other half” and call it Love.

They very rarely are open about feeling something for someone else, man or woman, finding something enchanting about unrequited love, and call it being Bashful or Modest.

They constantly whine about their bodies. Those with supermodel figures become near-anorexic, thinking that healthy muscle is ugly fat. Those with less-than-perfect figures feel depressed, drown their sadness in a bucket of food, and feel bad about eating later. They go on a binge-diet cycle that irreparably damages their body, and call it being Self-conscious.

They claim that they don’t receive equal opportunity at work, but also take every chance to get home early or to leave early to pick up the kids. They know where the more important commitment is, and act like it, and yet whine about a glass ceiling. They call it Empowerment.

If more women had wives, we wouldn’t need Feminism as a defence mechanism to accept the weakness of our role.


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