The Peter Princip[al]

Looking at Pig Sty with a different perspective from the rest has been refreshing, but it still gets to me when I discover some things.

For instance, there was this particular activity called “Practice School,” last semester, which sounded promising at the sound of it but, like everything else here, proved itself disappointingly flaccid. I just found out that the whole thing was an exercise by one of my lecturers to collect primary data for her thesis.

We’re currently doing a compulsory course (declared so by the government, of course, because in the real sense of the word, nearly all the courses I do at Pig Sty are out of compulsion) in Entrepreneurial Development, and the two lecturers handling it are, to put it mildly, incompetent. Let’s call them The Doktor and Liepshteeck.

The Doktor can’t string two words in English without an error. She can’t pronounce anything from Attendance to Entrepreneur right, and she’s also gotten us to do our ‘projects’ in something that gets her primary data for her thesis. I wonder if she stole the idea or came up with it all by her itty bitty self.

Liepshteeck is reasonably well-educated, but has a serious tempo problem. She swallows the last word of every sentence, says Choshal, Dunki, Kwantify-able, Oligopawly and Pawngul, and wears the oddest pink lipstick to work.

I have incompetents teaching me semester after semester (with the odd exception now and then), while every class gets a flat-screen television set, and the institute gets a new PA system and two new video studios (which, admittedly, are Actually properly equipped).

It’s not fair but, then again, what else is new? And who else do I have to blame?


Let me know what you think.

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