Airing Dirty Laundry (from 3 years ago)

…And the clouds burst open, and rain poured forth as Heaven unleashed its agony and deluged the mortal realm…

A violent orgy was in progress. An eye-witness acount of one of the rawest visions nature could offer us follows. Pure energy streaked across, and lit up everywhere as far as the eye could see. An ancient ritual was in progress, running its way on, performing a timeless symphony yet again as one wondered if the skies would be torn apart by the passion and fury.

A throaty roar follows, making you wonder if it was an ancient beast wailing from the depths of Hell. The earth was crying, rivulets of tears unable to put out the fires of anger that continued to boil unabashedly.

It was like viewing an intimate intercourse of the elements, vicious and gentle, uncontrolled and controlling, as though the earth was releasing its pent up fury, no, rather celebrating its existence. A sight that rivets any human to his position, knocking the very breath out of him. A beautiful event that makes one proud to be a denizen of this planet.

Watching a streak of lightning travel across the sky and meet some unknown fate, is indeed a spiritual experience. It gives one the mental image of a directive issued directly from God to one’s soul. As you see the bolt of light shoot across, you marvel for that split second at how much light it brings, and feel yourself fill with light and glow because of it.

The sound of each droplet of rain colliding with the earth, seeping into its very innards, makes one very conscious of one’s heart and each thought that crosses one’s mind. Your heart beats with the pulse of the event, frenzied, as the whole event reaches yet another orgasmic state and another streak is released.

The tension slowly building up, every angstrom of a second felt by you in your heart along with the muted rumbling, sinister yet somehow very calming, finally releases as the climatictic bolt forks its way across. You get this absolutionistic feeling in your heart, like everything suddenly makes sense for that one second, yet as the bolt fades away, so does the emotion.

The gurgling sound of rushing water pervades your ears. Your whole form feels as pure and clear as you imagine that water to be, untouched by anything except a Heavenly hand. Your thoughts flow along wth the water, melting before you, calming your restless and racing mind. The sky burns in ferocity; the lightning searing every molecule it touches, as it sears every level of your existence.

Your olfactory sense is pleasantly assaulted by a clear, clean, fresh, virginal smell. A smell that pervades every inch of your being, every cell in your body recharging from the heavenly energy it provides you. Every part of you is now not yours; it belongs to the frenzied dance unfolding before you, getting more violent by the minute. The very same tension builds up in you, slowly, steadily, like a deep breath calmly taken in to be expunged in one whiff.

Your body automatically prepares to nuzzle against another, only to find no company, and it feels itself comforted, caressed by the gusts of air freely blowing about.

There is a sudden, quiet calm that settles over everything, but you know it’s not over yet. You hold your breath, as you perceive the world around you to be, only to have it knocked out by a violent explosion of elements, an orgasmic conclusion, or zenith, a confluence of majestic thunder, vicious lightning, violent deluge and your pan of water left boiling on the stove overflowing.


Let me know what you think.

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