Why is it that some people find satisfaction only in acts that draw a positive response from others? Isn’t there something called “doing it for yourself”?

A pat on the back can feel good when it comes from someone you respect. I can understand why one could get used to it. What I don’t understand is how the opinion of some arbitrary human should dictate your actions.

Why do you dress well to meet your friends, and then worry about people on the road talking about your clothes? Why do you worry more about what a teacher will say about your marks than how those marks are going to matter towards your future? Why do you worry about what someone will say if you give them an honest answer? Why do you worry about what someone will think when they read something honest you’ve written? Why is it dangerous to wear your heart on your sleeve, or to at least let other people in to what your real feelings are? Why can’t you do something without having to take the credit for it? Do you know or even realize how dangerous it is to let your life revolve around anything other than you?

Why am I like this sometimes?

It just completely beats me.



  1. Update: Your blog feed is now working.

  2. It’s something I have often wondered too. On an unconnected note, I’ve subscribed to your blog’s feed, but for some reason, I’m not being notified of new posts… :-|

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