To The Roadside Romeo


This is not about Arnold Schwarzenegger, or the movie.

To whatever-your-name-is (I don’t give a flying fuck):

I understand that you are also a human animal with its carnal needs. I understand that you may not have a very satisfying love life, and inevitably end up coveting every relatively-fine specimen of the opposite sex that you see walking around. What I don’t understand is a lot more.

  • Just how in the name of all that is respectable do you deem it your birthright to go right past that relatively-fine specimen and lay your grubby fingers on her?
  • What on this lovely planet where “all men are created equal” makes you think you can strip her of her dignity by visually stripping her for your pleasure?
  • Do you not have female members in your family that you are protective about? Does it not occur to you that, just like you, there is some other animal out there who would be motivated to violate your mother or sister in the same manner? Doesn’t that in the least bit make you want to preserve the self-respect of some other man out there, if not the women themselves?
  • Doesn’t it ever occur to you to just leave them alone physically, even if you must think of them as covetable sex objects?
  • Are you such an uncivilized animal that you don’t know your place and can’t keep your libido in check?

Have you ever wondered what your wandering eyes and hands do to a woman’s psyche? It’s not like a woman ever gets used to this part of her life. It is quite a shameful thing for them to even have to call it a part of their lives. Your thoughtless action can upset her entire day and twist her perspective on the entire male section of the species. Through repeated assaults, what other message are you communicating to her, than that you’re even more worthless than she thought?

In a completely innocuous situation, say, I’m walking to college or to the bookstore across the road, it doesn’t brighten up my day to know that some stranger considered pinching my bottom and carried out the action right there in broad daylight. Don’t you even stop to think twice about what anyone would gain out of such an exchange of harassment for fear and shame? Does it give you some sort of sick satisfaction to know that you’ve just destroyed her balance? Does it please you that there usually isn’t anything much she can do about you taking advantage of her like this? And does it gratify you to know that she doesn’t know your name and doesn’t have the indubitable pleasure of your delightful company?

What clinches it for me is that the same boys I grew up with and considered my friends wouldn’t give a second thought to shamelessly gape at a woman now. If I ask them about it, they say they’re just fooling around, and aren’t serious.

What else would you expect me to say but, “Damn the whole lot of them!”?

Most women try not to dwell on it. At least around these parts, there isn’t much one can do except exit the embarrassing scene as quickly as possible. Or suffer silently, trying to avoid the pitying glances of people who wouldn’t come to the rescue of her dignity, till she can run away in shame. The incident is filed under an ever-growing memory bank of such violations.

Well, the only conclusion we arrive at is that you’re a coward. We don’t think it brave of you to attempt harassing us in public – we think it utterly foolish. And if you try rubbing against us or lewdly glancing at us with your ever-roving eye, we only label you that much more of a coward, and an impotent loser who can’t find satisfaction in his own life. It kills me to note that it only further worsens it for us – to be touched by such bottom-dwelling unconscionable creatures.

I know you don’t care what we think. I know that this rant is not going to move you even one bit, if you were to ever read it.

Fuck off and leave us alone, miserable low-lives. You’re not worth the pain your mother underwent to give birth to you.

— B



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  2. Aapil

    I have read and re-read this many times now, I can recite some lines without looking! :) One of the best you’ve written.
    Someday, they’ll all learn, the hard way.

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