Calvin And Hobbes

It’s been long since I seriously sat to sketch something. So here’s my first shot in awhile. Copyrights are all Bill Watterson’s, although my source was some fan’s painting of the same picture.

Calvin and Hobbes

Nyah nah nah nyah nyah.



  1. Eh? As far as I’m aware, copyrights do not apply here – so long as you do not use the likeness of Calvin and Hobbes for any commercial purpose, you are free to produce as many sketches/paintings/models/whateverelses as you like.

  2. Heh heh. Funny you should say that. I just laughed myself silly this afternoon after listening to Weird Al’s spoof of ‘Complicated’ (yes, the one by Avril). As you might guess, it’s named ‘Constipated’, and some of the lines are hilarious. Some are cheap, of course, but then, I guess they have to play to the gallery. Man having to make a living and all that.

  3. Obese? I think the first word I used to describe him was constipated. :D Didn’t have the heart or the time to ‘redo’ him, though.

    The hands are rusty, but I’m getting into oiling them more often. No double entendres intended, of course…

  4. WOW!!!! AWESOME! *bows at your feet: hail, great chief!* Great sketch. Calvin looks just a teeny bit like an obese kid, but Hobbes is the image. Much coolness.

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